Two students from Mataró, just 17 years old, decided to travel to Greece to learn about the current situation with the Sirian refugees, as a part of their graduation work. Twenty other young students decided to give up their holidays and join the other two as volunteers in Greece, and later in Serbia. Now they are Humanity Wings, they are young, brave and their vitality and energy is contagious.

Impressed and inspired by work of this young group, who are now on their way to Serbia, we decided to follow them on their next chapter. Melon Productions would like to present a picture of the refugee situation in Serbia and what role volunteers are playing in respect to the current crisis. We are following, step by step, Humanity Wings in Serbia, and also the participation of other charities in the area.

We are aware that one of the important factors that helped to improve the situation of the refugees in Greece, were images. When the Greek situation reached the public, individual movements started and this in turn resulted in institutional movements. Through the volunteers we would like to show the situation of refugees who have arrived in Serbia. To inform people and motivate further help; this way trying to improve their conditions and protecting the rights of people who were forced to flee their homes.

This documentary has a cost of € 1,95 to cover production costs.

Watch documentary online. HERE


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